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Repair at manufacturer level

High-quality and on-time repair of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and rotary motors of almost all current manufacturers and makes are our daily business.

Repair quality at manufacturer level

Thanks to the know-how of our specialists and our TOP equipment, we can carry out repairs and overhauls at the high level of the manufacturers.

Quality is not a product of chance

Your aggregates are subjected to a meticulous fine tuning during the overhaul, repair or maintenance. Then they are put through their paces on the high-end test bench. Only perfectly functioning elements you get back to work with.

High-tech equipment

Our state-of-the-art Rexroth test stand enables automated and standardized test procedures. Its measuring methods with the tightest tolerances are state of the art. With constant power and infinitely variable speed, we test almost all common makes. Computer-controlled, we test hydraulically closed and open circuits.

Well-planned work and sequence processes

Additional equipment, such as a TOP cleaning system and a lapping machine of the latest generation, enables us to handle even a very large order volume with consistent quality. We have repair deadlines and costs in full view at all times.