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Oil diagnosis

Oil diagnostics are preventive maintenance

‘Conditioning monitoring’ means regular checks of the condition of your hydraulic components. Such checks significantly minimize the risk of expensive system failures. In close cooperation with modernly equipped specialists, we can tell you exactly what the condition of your units is. All we need is a little oil. So we can protect you from unpleasant surprises.

Operational reliability for your machinery and equipment

The demands on performance, load capacity and high work cycles make it necessary to use components that are manufactured with ever greater precision and compactness.

Two measures to protect against unpleasant surprises

  • Regular control of the oil
  • Checking the contamination level of hydraulic systems

Well protected for tough construction site use

Even during repair or maintenance, particles can get into the system. This means that every system, without exception, must be cleaned before it is put into operation. With a small oil sampling set, which you can get from us, you draw a sample. We will then provide you with an accurate report.